Are you ready to take your esthetician training to the next level?

Set yourself up for success with dermatologist-led advanced esthetics training!

Are you ready to take your esthetician training to the next level?

Set yourself up for success with dermatologist-led advanced esthetics training!



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Program Overview

The LearnSkin Integrative Esthetician Certificate Program provides advanced post-graduate esthetics education. We created this program to ensure that all estheticians get quality skin education. Our dermatologists teamed up with some of the industry’s most noted esthetics educators to create a curriculum that brings a holistic approach to the esthetics industry.

Post-graduate studies in esthetics

Overview of cosmetic chemistry for estheticians

Thorough review of skin physiology

Specialized training in photo aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne management

Inside-out approach with a focus on the science of nutritional skin care

Self-Paced Curriculum | Six Modules | One-Year Access | *$1,497 Tuition

LearnSkin Premium Membership ($499 value) and the Inegrative Esthetics Track ($99 value) are included in tuition for additional access to educational resources on skin health topics.

*Payment plan available: One payment of $529 for three months. 

You will learn how to….

facial cupping
Charlene Joseph, LE IECP Alumn

Charlene Joseph, LE

Lexington, KY

Crystal Ochemba-Powell, LE IECP Alumn

Crystal Ochemba-Powell, LE

Atlanta, GA

Angel Zaragosa, LE IECP Alumn

Angel Zaragosa

Chino, CA

Alyna Velez, CAE LE

Alyna Velez, CAE LE

Keizer, OR

Keona Carter-Loubon, LE

Keona Carter-Loubon, LE

Bear, DE

Frances Lewis, LE IECP Alumn

Frances Lewis, LE

Portland, OR

Anne Cioffi, LE IECP Alum

Anne Cioffi, LE

East Hanover, NJ

Sandra Johansson, MD IECP Alumn

Sandra Johansson, MD

Baselland, Switzerland

Tara Swagger, LE IECP Alumn

Tara Swagger, LE

Danielson, CT

Curriculum Details

Self-Paced Curriculum | Six Modules | One-Year Access


Introduction to Integrative Esthetics

Integrative Esthetics is a holistic approach to skin care, taking into account the whole person. It is the practice of utilizing various complementary modalities as well as the conventional clinical approach to esthetics.


The Clinical Approach

With the exception of a few holistic esthetics schools, most programs teach a clinical approach to skin care. This forms the foundation of how students view traditional esthetics. This module reinforces the clinical foundation before students move on to complementary approaches to esthetics.


Select Principles of Ayurveda

The increased popularity of yoga has ignited an interest in its sister science, Ayurveda.  Dating back 5,000 years, Ayurveda is thought to be one of the most ancient and complete forms of natural healing on the planet. In this module, students are introduced to the basic principles, so they can better converse with clients and other practitioners about Ayurveda.


Key Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine are well documented. It outlines the relationship between the five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—and the life force known as “qi.” Understanding this approach helps the esthetician identify their client’s innate nature and devise a treatment plan that addresses their skin concerns. 


Nutritional Skincare

The connection between nutrition and skin health often goes unaddressed in undergraduate esthetics schools. This course introduces students to how they are intrinsically connected and how you can assist clients in their lifestyle choices to improve health and skin conditions. 


Practical Application of Integrative Modalities

The IECP introduces students to concepts not commonly explored in esthetics school. This final module covers topics that will assist students in the practical application of the theory introduced in previous modules and lessons.

Meet Our Esthetician Advisory Board

Renowned estheticians and educators have developed the Integrative Esthetician Certificate Program with emphasis in skin of color and holistic skincare.

Mila Grass


Millicent Russo, LE LEI CLT LSO WFR

Millicent Russo


Integrative Esthetician Certificate Program

Thank you for registering for the Integrative Esthetician Certificate Program. The program tuition fee is $1,497 and is non-refundable. Payment plan available. For more information, contact


Most frequent questions and answers

IECP is a “do at your own pace” program. You will have access to all of the modules for up to one year after starting the program. There are a total of 6 modules with 4-5 lessons per module. Each lesson ranges from ~30-60mins.

The course is taught virtually through video lectures and demos. Face-to-face learning will occur at IDS during the integrative esthetician track. Monthly Zoom calls will take place to connect with other students and faculty.

This course does not train students to become estheticians. It is a continuing professional development/education program for licensed estheticians.

You will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the program.

Yes. You can make a one-time payment of $1497 or three payments of $529 over three months.

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The Integrative Esthetician Certificate Program is brought to you by LearnSkin, a dedicated group of dermatologists and integrative medicine practitioners. Their goal is to share the latest scientific research and treatment options in dermatology to meet the growing demand for responsible, quality, and evidence-based education bridging the gap between conventional and complementary approaches to the skin.

LearnSkin programs are designed to expand your knowledge with the hope you inspire change in your clients and/or patients and reach better outcomes in their overall care.

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